In my Madrid post, I talked about going to a bullfight.  During the opening ceremony, all the matadors came out in their vibrant outfits and adorable hats.

The intricate detail on their outfits was incredible.  I wasn’t close enough to see it but the hubs’ super zoom camera definitely captured the sparkles (like this post if you like sparkles!) on their outfits.  LOVES!

The beads and the gold detail.

Sorry for the graininess of the picture.  I cropped out the bull as the entire image was disturbing.  And yes, that guy’s bulge is disturbing.  😛

This guy was gangsta!  He got hit by the bull and got up and went on.  INSANE.  I like his outfit the most.  Very Spanish with the red and gold.

So as I was looking at pictures from FW of the Spring 2012 collections, I had to smile a little bit.  Why?  Moschino’s women’s menswear inspired collection (you got what I just said right?) is matador and flamenco inspired.  LOVES IT.  I especially love the silk bow tied collar.  Moschino definitely knew what they were doing.  Most of the outfits are classic black and white with punches of yellow and gold sequins, beads, and lace.  GORGEOUS.  I totally want a blazer.  Not so much a fan of the hat.  Look at the resemblance?  It’s so on par!

Love the skirt on this one.

Love the trim and lace on the blazer.  Girls, lace is still in this fall.  This definitely meshes the fall and Moschino’s matador inspired look.  

IN LOVE with this set.

Classic white. 

This is a more approachable outfit for day to day wear.

I showed the mister these pictures when I came across them.  He said cool and continued to say that he wished he would have purchased a matador hat so he could be one for Halloween.  😛  Never a dull moment.  Love him!

Then I said I should’ve gotten the Flamenco “kit” (hair pieces and castanets) we saw at the souvenir shop.  I was contemplating about purchasing a flamenco scarf at the souvenir shop but didn’t.  I’m pretty sure my mom still has some from when we went to Spain long time ago.  I may just have to raid her closet again when I go home next.  Anyhow, Moschino definitely continued on with the Spanish influence with their dresses a la Flamenco style.

Flamenco scarf inspired top.

Flamenco inspired dress

More wearable flamenco outfit.  Don’t you love the headdress?

How do you feel about their collection?  Are these trends you’d try next spring or this fall?  Definitely makes me miss Spain.


Note:  Pictures not belonging to the author have been linked back to the original source.

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