Buffalo Chicken Salad

Since I’ve been well enough to make myself lunch this week and no longer have to eat soup EVERY SINGLE meal like I did last week, I’ve been eating salad everyday for lunch.  I’ve been doing this in hopes to get into the “healthy eating” mindset (which has been 50-50, I ordered Wingstop for dinner last night because I was lazy to cook.  smh!).  Eating salads does get boring sometimes, but I try to make it fun, throwing in ingredients into a bowl based on my mood and cravings.

In college one of my favorite lunches from the food court was the buffalo chicken wrap.  Soft tortilla with loads of tomatoes, cheddar cheese, chicken strips drenched in buffalo sauce, ranch, and lettuce.  Back in the days, that was considered my “healthy” lunch.  SMH!  I suppose I could’ve done worse.  The other day, I was craving this wonderful wrap but sadly had no tortillas.  What I did have on hand were leafy greens, a ton of other veggies, and some frozen chicken strips (which are always an easy throw-in to any salad or suffice as the Mister’s dinner, accompanied with rice of course, while I’m out of town for work.  I know I could use grilled chicken breast to make it a little healthier, but I don’t have any on hand.  Plus the chicken breast only went on sale yesterday at Safeway.  I’m headed there today to get some to grill and/or roast and then freeze).

No real recipe to this.  In my opinion you should throw whatever you want into a salad.  For my cobb salads, I throw everything into the bowl but the kitchen sink.  Some combinations work well than others, but you won’t know until you try it out.  I will list for you what veggies I do have in this bowl of yummy goodness:  baby lettuce, romaine, carrots, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, bell pepper, croutons (homemade), cheddar cheese (low fat. we’re still watching our figures here people!), chicken strips in buffalo sauce (Follow the back of the hot sauce bottle.  For a healthier option of buffalo sauce, use margarine instead of butter.  For the healthier chicken option, use grilled chicken or roasted shredded chicken & toss that into the buffalo sauce), and ranch sauce (low fat or regular.  not the fat free, that’s straight sugar.  If you do use regular don’t use TOO much, that is if you’re trying to be healthy, otherwise pour away.  I, personally, used a tablespoon of ranch and added more hot sauce.  And then devour!  SO YUMMY!

See, being healthy and eating salads can be fun, it’s about mixing it up and creating something different.  So go indulge this weekend and have this salad on Monday for something a little healthier to start off your week.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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