The Dressing Room – White Out

White after labor day?  Preposterous!  Faux pax schmo pax.  I don’t believe in those ridiculous old school fashion rules such as don’t wear darks, like navy blue, with black.  Fashion is about pushing the envelope.  Why do we even have rules?  Although, I will say you should dress for your body type and be conscience of what works and what doesn’t for you.  Anyhow, I didn’t wear this outfit after labor day, but I’d wear it right now since it is scorching hot in the bay.  I actually wore this outfit during my vacation.

Shirt:  Old Navy
Shorts:  Eyelet, Banana Republic Factory
Shoes:  Nike Frees
Bag:  Tory Burch Replica, purchased on Canal Street
Bracelets:  purchased in Morocco and vintage
Watch:  Swatch 

The hubs told me to take a “serious” picture.  I wanted to crack up as he was taking this.  

These pictures were taken at Park Guell in Barcelona.  Park Guell was designed by Antoni Gaudi and has a BE-YOU-TEE-FULL view of Barcelona, absolutely breathtaking.

I really love this outfit but I wish I could’ve worn the other pair of TOMS, which I purchased prior to the trip, with this outfit.  But after learning that the trip to Park Guell would be a hike, I knew I had to wear “sensible” shoes.  Sigh!  But I DO love these Frees.  They are SO comfy!  I also LOVE THESE SHORTS!  These shorts are the white eyelet shorts I purchased during my Banana Republic Factory haul in July.  After our trip to Park Guell, they got really dirty.  Needless to say even after I threw them in the laundry in Barcelona, I got too paranoid about getting them dirty during the vacation that I didn’t wear them again until we got to Virgina.

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