take a trip with me

I’m finally up and about (kinda).  Last week was rough.  The day after we got back from VA, I started catching a cold.  Then it just progressed after that.  Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, headaches, etc.  It was miserable.  Plus add to the fact that our vacation was REALLY over, so I had a bit of the vacation blues.  Vacation had been over for a week since I was back to work at our headquarters (which is in VA), but it still felt like we were on vacation since I was hanging out with my adorable nieces & fabulous family in VA.  Anyhow, I’ve somewhat recovered from my sickness although the symptoms of my cold are slowly fading.

I promised I’d share my vacation with you.  For now, I’m sharing a video (errr videos since the hubs had to break it into two parts) that the hubs (who is oh so creative) created of our trip.  He took all our videos (we’re talking hours of video) and condensed it to 20 minutes.   He did this a couple years ago when we went to London and Paris.

I’ll still post about the individual cities along with photos throughout the next week or two.  But for now, go ahead and pop some popcorn and take a trip with me to Southwestern Europe.  Enjoy!

Madrid & Marrakech

Barcelona & Lisbon

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