Back to Life

Yes loves. I am back.  My apologies for not scheduling more posts or being able to post last week.  I had drafted a post for the last week but either had no connection or when I did it was a bit spotty.  I’m sure you’ll forgive me a little bit.  😛

I had an amazing time… and am in LOVE with Barcelona.  I want to move there!  Madrid was more of a historical city.  Definitely hectic due to the World Youth Day Crowd.  Marrakech was a cultural experience but HOT.  Barcelona was historic but felt a bit younger than Madrid.  Perhaps its all the Gaudi influence or being by the Mediterranean Sea.  Lisbon was old.  It was nice to see what it was like again as an adult.  Definitely felt like an old city like London or Madrid; however, do to the country’s financial economic state, upkeep of buildings especially downtown is maintained as well as London or Madrid or Barcelona.

I’m planning to do individual city highlight posts as soon as I get my hands on a memory card reader to edit and upload photos, as well as some lookbook photos.  I don’t have my computer or my memory card reader with me because we’re visiting family on the East Coast (a stop over from Europe just seemed right), as well as working from the corporate headquarters for me.

I’ve missed so much while I’ve been on vacation.  Earthquake on the east coast, hurricane that hit New England the worst, Steve Jobs stepping down, etc.  It’s definitely been an eventful 2 weeks.  Now it’s back to the real world.

Although it sucks that vacation is over, it’s good to be back.  Can’t wait to share with you the details of my trip!

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