I’ve NEVER been to the African continent, but the hubs has been to Egypt.  While northern Africa is more Muslim and Middle Eastern influenced (and per my husband dubbed not the real Africa with safari, deserts, lions, etc.), I’m still pumped to have my two feet touch the African continent.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE to go on a Safari and experience that, but maybe another time.  (My boss just came back from a two week trip to Namibia and Capetown… SO JEALOUS!  I can’t wait to see her pictures when I get back.)  After this trip I’ll be on a mission to touch South American and Australian continents.  Yes, that’s on my bucket list for things to do before I die.

Marrakech is my pick city on this trip.  I’ve been wanting to see what it was about since there has seemed to be a buzz about the country these past two years with Sex and the City 2 being filmed there and the Real Housewives of NY going for vacation.  During my initial research I was a bit underwelmed, so we just go to the Souks and museums?  Then I researched some more and then quickly realized that our 3 day trip may not be enough. Ha!  I want to see and experience it all.

Want to know what I am so excited about seeing?  The colors of the rainbow.  SAY WHAT?  Yes, the colors of the rainbow.  Looking at pictures and magazines and watching Marrakech documentaries, I am falling in love with the colorfulness of the country.

The clothes, the architecture, the designs.  I can’t wait to go to the Jardin Majorelle (Yves Saint Laurent’s garden) and take lookbook pictures and be inspired by nature.

I can’t wait to see belly dancers, not in a perverted way, but I am enamored by the ornate detail of their outfits.  Drinking tea on the rooftop as we watch the Mediina light up at night.  I can’t wait to be in the desert at night and be able to gaze at the stars.  LOVE IT!  I want to go ATV’ing outside the city or take a hike to a nearby waterfall.  So many things to choose from.

It will be such a cultural experience.  I can’t wait!

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