Trippin’ – Airport Style

It’s FINALLY here.  Travel day!  Long day but so worth it.

For me, long flights are BRUTAL.  Stuck on a plane for hours on end, legs cramped up for sitting down to long, body puffing up from the pressurized air, etc.  So dressing comfortably is VERY important; however, you should not be getting on a plane in a track suit IMO.  I’m not saying wear a business suit, but dress somewhat nice and comfortable.  WHY?  Because you never know if you’ll get upgraded to business or first based on your looks.  I know that sounds wrong but it is SO true.  You could always bring a change of clothes in your carry on to change into on the plane.

I was planning to take pictures yesterday of my outfit but it got REALLY crazy with cleaning our apartment, running last minute errands, packing (yes I’m FINALLY packed), and finishing up work.  Anyhow, here’s a run down of my go to airplane outfit especially for a long flight like when I’m going to London.  Leggings for comfort and the ability to move freely.  Loose tunic to again, move freely and cover the booty and crotch area.  Sweater to keep warm.  Blazer for that appearance of serious but stylish.  Depending on the season I’ll wear sandals or boots.  For this trip, its sandals.  Keep the jewelry to a minimum since you’ll have to go through security and you don’t want to be THAT person who is holding up the line because you packed on the bangles (just saying.  TSA lines are a drag so lets keep it moving).  Maybe a necklace and a watch or earrings, but nothing more than that.  Another outfit that I was contemplating was a maxi dress with a sweater and sandals.  I was going to have leggings in my bag just in case I got colder on the plane but alas the maxi dress I was supposed to wear shrunk in the dryer.  What a fail on my part.  All my other maxis are strapless (and I didn’t want to have to constantly pull the dress up through the duration of the flight or wear a strapless bra that long.  COMFORT PEOPLE!) or too long, so leggings and a tunic it is.

Random news that we read.  The Pope is going to be in Madrid this weekend too.  While it’s exciting because we didn’t have to travel to Italy to see him, we are wondering what it’s going to be like around the city.  Metros packed?  Possible riots?  Security nightmare?  Hopefully everything goes well.  Fingers crossed.

Hasta Luego!  Keep coming by for updates (I’m hoping to update here and there since some of our hotels have free WiFi) or check out my twitter for more frequent updates.

One thought on “Trippin’ – Airport Style

  1. Good advice. I always try to dress comfy for those long flights. The length of the flight really determines my wardrobe. I love to accessorize with jewelry so even a plain little jeans and tank outfit can be spiced up.

    Europe keeps making the headlines these days. I’ll see what’s going on in Paris next week once I return.

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