Trippin’ – What’s in my carryon bag?

The week got a tad busy trying to prepare for this trip and finish all my work prior to leaving.  It’s almost that time and I’m STILL trying to decide what clothes to bring.  HA!  We’ll be doing laundry there but I’m still agonizing over what to bring.  I just feel like the outfits I’ve planned out are so plain.  I HAVE to get it together.

But what I do have packed or close to done packing is my carry on bag.  When I’m on personal travel I usually carry a weekender bag and a medium purse or messenger bag with me.

In the medium purse or messenger bag I have my travel documents (DL, passport, printed itineraries and confirms because you’ll never know when you’ll need it and if you’re email is working on your phone), phone, camera (NEVER put this in your checked bag), nano, headphones, sunglasses, pen, tissue, and chapstick.

Since this trip will be a red eye and we have a layover, I’ll actually be bringing more and placing most of it in my weekender.  Here’s what I’ll have in my bag.

  • iPad – for video games, movies, and books
  • 2 magazines (because I only have 1 magazine subscription on my iPad)
  • Snacks because it is a long flight
  • Water bottle – purchased at the airport because you don’t want to puff up from all that pressurized air.
  • Toothbrush
  • Mini make-up case – eyeliner, concealer (non liquid based), eye curler, translucent powder, uni pallet, brushes, lipstick.
  • Hair brush
  • Comb
  • 2 scarves –  one as a blanket the other one as a pillow additional to my husbands shoulder (thanks babe!)
  • Extra sweater because it always seems to get cold on planes and scarves just aren’t enough.
  • Socks, especially if I’m wearing sandals – I put them as soon as I get into the TSA line (you never know whats on the ground) and take them off after security and put them back on in the plane to keep my feet warm slash I don’t want people grossed out by my bare feet.
  • Flip Flops – During long flights, if I wear shoes as opposed to sandals or flip flops, I will bring a pair of flip flops or sandals for when I go to the restroom.  I hate keeping my shoes on during a long flight.  The pressurized air make your feet expand, so when you place your shoes on it becomes tight and uncomfy.  So I take mine off and keep my flip flops next to my shoes & use those until I land.
  • Chargers for the phone, ipad/nano, and camera
  • Jewelry bag (NEVER put your real jewelry or expensive costume jewelry in your suitcase.  There are so many ridiculous TSA scandals out there.  My inexpensive costume jewelry is in my suitcase, but my treasured pieces I always carry on with me.)
  • Tylenol PM, Motrin, and Tylenol and occasionally, Dramamine.
  • Glasses

The contents of my quart bag vary from place to place.  For instance, if I’m traveling early in the morning to somewhere here in the states I put my make up on at the destination I’m arriving at so I usually have some make-up products in there.  If I travel at a decent time, I usually have the standard items in there such as lipgloss, refresh eye drops, contact lens drops, antibacterial gel, perfume, tide to go stick, and lotion.  Since our travel time will be about 16+ hours including lay overs, I’m adding the following to my bag (additional to the standard):  toothpaste, tinted moisturizer, mascara, face wash, and contact lens solution.

Now back to cleaning and packing my suitcase.

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