Trippin’ – Where am I going?

Mom and sister have left.  I’m a bit sad.  As much as we drive each other up the wall, we love each other.  I’ll definitely miss having them around sometimes.  But their trip ending means that our trip will start soon.  How soon you ask?  NEXT WEEK!  WHOOOOOO!

I keep talking about this trip and how we’ll be going to multiple cities so I need to consolidate and pack light.  Why?  Because are going to… (drumroll please… yeah I know corny)



(I think the hubs and I are excited most about going here.  We’re spending the most time here.)


We may do a day trip to neighboring cities, but we’re still planning everything out to the tee.  Definitely going to the touristy places within the city, but we’re trying to figure out if we have time to see the countryside for the day.  We’ll definitely be getting out of Lisbon for half of the day while we’re there to go to Fatima, Portugal to go to the Marian Shrine.

I’ve been Madrid, Barcelona, and Lisbon between the ages of 6-8 when my dad was stationed in Italy and I remember most of it; however, the hubs has never been.  Going as an adult to appreciate the things I missed and to go with the hubs will be a completely different experience.  We’re RIDICULOUSLY excited right now.  Ahhh the anticipation… the best part of a trip because as soon as it starts it’ll go by so quickly and BAM you’re back to reality.  😦  I’m so excited for the culture, the food, the language/accents, European fashion.  Gah!  I can’t wait!

But now can you see my dilemma with packing?  We’re flying (regional airlines) from each location, so the weight restrictions are a bit tough.  We looked into trains and buses but they either cost too much or took too long (we’re talking 8 hour bus rides and ridiculously $300 one way train tickets).  So packing light right now and possibly buying clothes while we’re there is the mindset, as well as possibly doing laundry while we’re in Barcelona since that will be the middle of our trip plus the moment where we may actually have time to.  Still trying to figure it all out… still having a rough time.  :-\  These are time I hate being a girl.

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