i <3 adam

Yes, still on a mini break from the regular scheduled programming…er posts/blogging.  Mom and sister are leaving today and I have a project that absolutely needs to be reviewed by me today, so it’ll be yet another short and sweet post… but uber teenage girl-esq.  Be WARNED!

After watching The Voice, I developed a crush on Adam Levine.  I mean I liked his voice before but after I hear him cover a variety of songs and seeing him help other unknown artists transform songs into their own, I started to fancy him.  LOL!  Per a variety of rumors he has dated and/or slept with everyone under the sun.  You may remember a couple years ago a story came out saying he thought Maria Sharpova sucked in bed… BUT he didn’t and it was revealed that a UK tabloid fabricated the story.  Anyways, ever since the finale a couple months ago, Maroon 5’s hit “Moves Like Jagger” has been stuck in my head.  The video was released yesterday and I’ve been obsessed.  But I’m weirded out by his feminine dancing, which I do realize he is imitating the dance moves of the famed Mic Jagger as the song says.  Also, he is RIDICULOUSLY skinny.  :0\

And because I’m obsessed I’m going to share the song… even if it is too Pop for your ears and it will probably be played out in 2-4 weeks on the radio, maybe sooner.  I’m obsessed with it right now.  This along with Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes where he sings the hook of the song.  Sigh!  So dreamy…

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