The Dressing Room – Flower Power

Here’s a fact for you.  Ever since I hit puberty, I’ve had an apple bottom.  True story.  I blame my dad’s genes.  I used to HATE having an apple bottom throughout middle school and high school.  1)  I couldn’t find bottoms that properly fit me.  Too tight in the thigh and hips, loose in the waist.  2)  I was teased (looking back it wasn’t too bad but it was more frequent than I’d like) about having bigger hips than my smaller yet taller friends, who hadn’t fully grown into their post-pubescent bodies yet.  Asians are fascinated by the smaller body types so having curves was weird for me.  It wasn’t until college that I grew to love my curves and more people started coming out talking about the love of their curves like Beyonce and J Lo.

Shopping can still be tough sometimes.  I still have to go to the tailor to get the waist of my pants or skirts or shorts taken in, especially since I don’t have the luxury of living with my mom to hem them for me or my dad when he was alive (Yes, my dad tailored my clothes when I was younger.  My great-grandfather was a tailor and taught my dad a couple tricks as a kid.).  I still have to be conscious about what to buy because depending on the fabric or print or style, the clothes can make me look bigger than I really am.  I’ve been loving the print shorts look this summer season and I’ve tried on a couple, but they were not the most flattering.

When I was in NY in June, I saw these shorts, snapped them up without trying them on first (the line was long.  LOL!).  When I tried them on at the hotel, my first reaction was YAY the print works with my hips, but BOO it was too big and falling off my hips (it was a size small… and I’m usually a size medium when it comes to skirts, shorts, and pants).  WTF?  Clothing companies perception of what xs, s, m, l are keep changing and it’s driving me insane.  Stop changing it!  I could’ve given them to my sister and they would’ve been fine on her (short but fitted properly), but I loved the print, the fact they had pockets, and the cut (they reminded me of these dressy floral shorts my mom used to make me wear when I was 9) so much, that I decided to keep them and get them taken in by my tailor.  A week later… this was the result.  LOVE!

The Dressing Room

Shirt:  H&M
Shorts:  Necessary Clothes, SoHo
Shoes:  JustFab (last seen here)
Necklace:  Forever21 (similar here and here)
Bracelet:  Forever21 (similar here )
Purse:  Target (similar here and here)

It was warm in Napa, but as we drove back towards SF it started getting chilly.  We stopped by Sausalito to take in the view of the SF Skyline (even though it was foggy) and had to put on our sweaters and blazers to keep ourselves warm.  I paired the outfit with a blush blazer I purchased at Necessary Clothes.

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