a little piece of paradise

I was thinking about what to post today and came up with a variety of ideas but I’m lazy yet AGAIN to take pictures slash clean stuff up, such as my closet organization (but it’s a tad messy), my kitchen organization (which isn’t completely done, I need to figure out what I want to do with my spice row.  Yes row, not rack.  I don’t have a spice rack.), my make-up organization (but my brushes aren’t clean at the moment… nasty), my jewelry organization (which I just finished yesterday but need to tidey up a couple things), the bracelet DIY I’ve been promising (but I’ve been lazy to upload pictures), etc.  I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to post.  This blog challenge is HARD.  Lots of ideas.  Lots of editing but a lot of brain farts.  The topics just seem blah to me at the moment and I want to give you something a little more exciting.  Rest assured, I will be posting the topics I mentioned above sometime soon… I hope.

Instead, I decided to share a piece of paradise with you.  Last time this year, the husband and I were on our wonderful honeymoon and getting ready to leave the paradise we called, Qamea Resort Fiji (pronounced Na-May-ah or Ga-may-ah).

Beachfront dining table

We wanted to go somewhere where both of us haven’t been to.  He did a lot of traveling as a child and a teenager with his family and so did I.  So we both felt strongly about discovering a new place together.  It was pricey but we did A LOT of shopping around before we found Qamea (all inclusive, adults only resort) and did even more shopping to get the best price at Unforgettable Honeymoons (they’re awesome.  they have such a good relationship with the resort that we got a honeymoon package and an extra massage on top of that!).  We decided what better time than now (err then) to go before we settled down and started having kids, so we saved up for it and went for it.  So happy we did too; it was SO WORTH IT.

In front of Honeymoon Beach (exclusive picnic beach).

Qamea is AWESOME!  The staff is SO RIDICULOUSLY friendly.  Upon your arrival they learn your names for the duration that you’re there.  Whenever they see you at the dining room or walking around the resort they greet you by name.  The hospitality is UNBELIEVABLE.  The resort is quiet, since it mostly honeymooners or older couples celebrating their anniversaries or going out on diving expeditions.  The food is great.  They’ll make exceptions if you have any dietary restrictions.  All the food is fresh.  You’d expect that we would’ve gained weight eating 3 course meals twice a day and a full breakfast to order, but we didn’t because we kept busy on excursions.  It was just an unbelievable place.

Waterfalls at Lavena (inside was a natural waterslide)

I SO miss it!  Although, I don’t recommend going in July though it is winter/rainy season right now in that area.  It rained 3 out of 7 days we were there, but we honestly didn’t mind it.  We had no where to go and we were away from it all (no cars, no phones ringing, etc).  On those rainy days, we just watched the rain fall and the waves get larger on a hammock on the porch of our beachfront bure.  PURE BLISS!

Enjoying the view with the hubs on the resort’s beach.

If you ever think about going to Fiji for your honeymoon and are looking for solitude and complete relaxation, I totally recommend going here.  It seriously is paradise.

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