Panty Pet Peeves

My biggest pet peeve is when I’m walking around and my eyes a lady’s backside showing a blatant line around her derrière OR not wearing the appropriate color underwear with her outfit OR not wearing the appropriate underwear to flatter your curves OR seeing more crack than I’d like to see.

First lets tackle visible panty lines.  ALL women are and/or have been victim to this.  I have been a victim.  I triple check that I don’t have any visible lines before heading out.  I constantly ask the husband if he see’s any lines while at home and while walking out the door as I’m paranoid.  When I was younger I didn’t care as much, but after working in a professional environment and loving all things fashion, I’ve came to the realization that it just RUINS an outfit in my opinion.  I wanted to cry when the hubs and I went out in the city during NYE and women everywhere were wearing dresses with visible panty lines (better than no underwear I suppose because I’m pretty sure there were a couple girls like this but at a club?  come on.).  It kills me at formal events when I see a woman wearing a hot dress or a beautiful dress with a visible panty line.  I just cringe.


Another underwear pet peeve, is when women don’t wear underwear that flatters their curves.  You know that awkward bulge around your hips, especially when you’re wearing a pencil skirt or hip hugging dress.  I definitely have that problem.  Momma gave me some hips and daddy gave me a butt… so my hips have that awkward shape.  Similar to Amy Adams, although she did give birth a couple months prior to this so she has an excuse.  I’m just genetically challenged.

It’s not the ruching of her dress that is making her hips look like that.

So how do you avoid these pesky lines and awkward hip bumps?  SPANX!  I’m sure you already know that answer.  Celebrity A-Listers swear to this and so do I.  I’ve been wearing Spanx or similar brands since I was in high school.  YES!  HIGH SCHOOL!  I was a bigger girl then and I needed to suck it in for school dances.  😛  Spanx and I go way back.  We’re BFFs.  Dual purposes this product.  Kills panty lines and smooths out the curves.  It does suck everything in making it a tad uncomfortable sometimes but it makes an outfit look smooth AND flawless.

Not a fan of spanx?  How about Hanky Panky’s?  They can be in thongs or boxer briefs.  Big fan!  I’m not biggest thong fan, but I LOVE their thongs.  They’re soft and they don’t cause visible lines!

Another option are Commando bottoms.  I haven’t personally tried these but I heard these eliminate lines as they’re lasercut underwear.  They look pretty comfy.  I may buy a pair sometime in the future.

Another underwear pet peeve, wearing print underwear with see-through or light clothing.  COME ON!  This is just tacky.  Please don’t do this unless you really want attention.  Double, triple, or quadruple check that you don’t have this issue.  Wear a slip to fix this issue, better yet just wear the appropriate colored underwear (preferable nude) with your lightweight outfit.

Lastly, don’t wear low rise jeans (but who still wears low rise jeans?  its 2011 isn’t it? not 2001.) without doing the squat test ESPECIALLY if you’re wearing a thong.  If you can feel your butt or crack exposed to air or your thong is showing, wear a different pair of underwear or jeans.  Don’t be a victim of crack or whale tail.  It is not okay to show people your crack or underwear.  Leave that for the bedroom and something for the imagination.   Maybe I’m just modest?

This is NOT okay. 

Those are my fashion faux pas panty pet peeves.  😛  What a tongue twister!  But they can be avoided.  Don’t let these faux pas ruin your fabulous outfits!

2 thoughts on “Panty Pet Peeves

    1. it drives me insane. especially when someone’s wearing a nice dress. those pesky lines are so annoying. glad someone shares my views about being bff’s with spanx. thanks for visiting. come back soon!

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