The Dressing Room – heat wave

I was trying to think of a name for lookbooks posts and I couldn’t come up with one until the hubs started giving me ideas (LOVE HIM and his creativity).  The one I fell in love with was “The Dressing Room.”  So from now on OOTD, Lookbooks, WDYWT, etc posts will be referred to as The Dressing Room.

Anyhow, it seems to be the newspaper and tv news headlines this week that half of the country is going through a heat wave, which in Atlanta is COMPLETELY TRUE.  The humid heat is just DISGUSTING.  I’m only outside for at most 15 minutes so I really shouldn’t complain, but it’s just nasty.  Thank GOD it wasn’t this humid in Virginia Beach when we got married last July.  I would’ve died in my dress.  I’m so happy I’m heading back home to the bay tomorrow because its supposed to swelter up on this side of the country this weekend.  For the DC metro area, the heat index is supposed to reach up to 116 (100 degrees plus humidity).  MY GOODNESS!  80’s during the day 60’s at night.  Bay area weather right now is PERFECTION.  My mom and sister will be so happy when they jump on their plane to come visit us on Saturday.

Wardrobe musts when on a work trip during the summer – dresses, skirts and breezy tops.  This week I’m working with an IT team (known for not dressing business casual and more casual); however, our department policy is to dress business casual even if the site we’re visiting dresses casually.  If I was at headquarters, I’d dress anywhere from cute business casual to trendy business casual/professional because it is a more conservative environment.  This week, I’ve toned down the outfits to the cute business casual look.  However this outfit may look more casual and afternoon tea fitting.  Oh well.

The Dressing Room Outfit

Dress:  Unknown, but it’s from Mom’s/my closet circa 1997/8.
Sunnies:  Old Navy, purchased last summer.

Yes, my mom and I used to share clothes back then and now sometimes.  Amazing that it fits after all these years.  Not too tight at all.  I wish I belted the midsection for a more polished look instead of baby doll-ish, but the belt I brought along with me was loose and didn’t sit the way I wanted to with the dress.  The sunnies are the best $5 sunglasses I’ve purchased.  I got these right before we left for our honeymoon to Fiji last year because I didn’t want to wear my Ray-Bans or RL’s and lose them.  YAY for nude shoes that elongate legs.  Details of the shoes below.

Hair:  Braid Strand into side swept ponytail.

I had planned to make this look a little more polished and french braid side, but I overslept this morning and had to quickly do this.  Super simple.   Possible video for this hairstyle later.  p.s. I LOVE how my lashes look in this picture.  They look SO LONG.  YAY for the Shu uemera curler and mascara

the accessories

Shoes:  Aldos (2007)
Nail Polish:  Essie’s Miami Nice

I’m not one to show my toes in an outfit posts (Not a feet fan, but I don’t cringe like others); however, I did want to show you my shoes and that I had color in my outfit even if it was my toe nails.  LOL!

Watch:  Seiko (Dad’s old watch)

Gold bracelets:  JewelMint
Tortoise belt bracelet:  Purchased at a boutique shop in Burlington, VT

Necklace:  BirdCage, Purchased this past March from a vendor at Portobello Markets at Notting Hill

Try to stay cool this weekend love and remember to drink lots of water and stay hydrated as much as possible to beat this heat.

2 thoughts on “The Dressing Room – heat wave

    1. I love it! my mom has some awesome clothes that she doesn’t want to let go, so from time to time my sister and i “shop” her closet. I just hope I can keep onto her stuff as long as she has. thanks for stopping by!

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