almost like royalty

So as you may know I LOVE the UK.  Trips to London haven’t been as fun though since I went with my husband (well then boyfriend) in 2008.  So when the Royal Wedding happened you bet I was watching it while working.  😛  I was completely in love with Kate’s wedding dress.  I cringed when my coworker said “I don’t know what the big deal was.  Her dress was so simple and it was an Alexander McQueen.  Why such a high profile designer?”  AGH.  She’s into designer purses but not clothes.  Not exactly the most fashion forward person to make a comment like that.  Get out of here.  Her dress was simple yet traditional and the quality of which I’m sure was AWESOME, but it completely fit her personality (not that I know her)… perhaps I should say style.

I LOVE Kate’s style.  It’s just so chic and simple.   Both when she’s dressed down and she’s dressed up.  The media was talking about what she would be wearing on her recent trip to North America.  See People’s gallery of her outfits here and Harper Bazaar’s gallery here.  She rewore some of her staple pieces to appear more economically savvy, which is a bit humbling.

Here are a couple of my fave pieces.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED her purple Issa dress that she wore in Canada.

Exactly like her blue one that she wore when they announced their engagement but in purple and paired with a broach.  I LOVE this color.  I DIE for this Issa dress.  I REALLY want one.  If I could only afford it (cue whomp whomp sound). I think the dress plays off her shape SO well.   It’s almost like the classic DVF wrap dress but with a extra detail (I’m a HUGE fan of a good wrap dress) with the rucching (sp?).  Which coincidentally, she wore a DVF dress in LA.  Love this dress too.  I really love the simplicity of the dress but most of all the color.  I also LOVE her pumps… more about her pumps later.

I’m also completely in love with her sheath dresses along with fellow British pop star/fashion designer, Victoria Beckham.  These women know how to make a sheath dress look good.  Again, simple and easy yet elegant.

Make it no secret, I LOVE me a good sheath dress and the way it plays off a woman’s curves.  Even though it was SUPER HUMID during our wedding rehearsal dinner, I wore a sheath dress.  My FAVE to be exact.  Very Chanel-esq with the black and white and slightly Mad Men-ish.

I just LOVED her clothing selections, mainly her dresses, she made for her North America trip.  While they are designer dresses, they’re SIMPLE dresses that you can find anywhere.  Both at designer and affordable prices; however the quality (if looking for a cheaper alternative) could be different.

As for her pumps.  What do I love about her pumps?  They’re nude so they elongate the legs.  It’s also a classic and a trend for this summer.  What else?  They’re LK Bennet.  So what?  I HAVE THEM TOO!  😛  I’m wearing them right now as I type this.

I got them two years ago while in the UK.  Although mine are scuffed like crazy and I need to get them buffed out.  A lookbook post with these pumps will be up next week.  I LOVE these shoes and how they make my legs look somewhat longer, which my petite short stacked self TOTALLY needs.  BUT I feel so cool having the same shoes as her!  LOL.  What a nerd!

Note:  Any pictures that I do not own and were included as part of this post have been referenced via link.  Click on link for origination of photo.  

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