The Dressing Room – Summer Lovin

It hasn’t completely heated up here in the Bay like it has on the East Coast or SoCal, but the weather the remainder of the week is supposed to get warmer.  With the sun out I decided that I was going to build my outfit around my fedora.  I haven’t worn it since my bachelorette party in Miami last year and it was just sitting on top of my dresser.  I’m thinking about DIY’ing it a bit and taking off the ribbon to add a different one but that sucker is glued on there.  I’d ideally like a polkadot ribbon.  Perhaps lay a ribbon over the current pattern and safety pin it.  Or I could always buy another hat.  😛  For some reason the ensemble screams to me summer concert outside, perhaps Coachella cuz of the hat (or maybe it’s the palm tree in the background).  But I don’t think it’s hippie enough.  Perhaps it would’ve been if my capris weren’t so tight.  I was trying to go for the boyfriend cuffed look but I can’t find my loose pants right now.  And then on the flip side the hat reminds me of Bruno Mars.  😛  I was definitely getting stares yesterday.  Oh well!

 Hat:  Target
Trapeze Tank:  Target
Button-up Shirt:  WetSeal
Capris:  Delias
Belt:  Vintage (Mom’s)
Watch:  Vintage (Dad’s)
Bracelet:  Vintage (It’s a Girl Thing) and DIY (tutorial up soon)
Hoop Earrings:  Gifted – Kohls
Wedges:  ShoeDazzle
Ring:  Forever21

A little about my DIY’d friendship bracelet, which I’m totally in love with (screams teenage years)

My niece’s 4th birthday is coming up.  For her birthday I’m DIY’ing a tutu complete with a Dora the Explorer Bow.  Pictures slash tutorials up soon.  I almost want to keep the tutu myself and pair it with some leggings but it’s SO much cuter on a toddler than an adult.  Anyhow, I went to Michaels to get the materials for hers and her sisters tutus (I had to make one for the younger one. Fighting ensues when one has something and the other doesn’t.) and as I was getting materials I got a bit obsessed and decided to make her a lanyard bracelet, which is all the rage now (click on picture below for link).  Yeah, you remember what those are.  I used to make them ALL the time in middle school.  My parents would get so mad at me because I’d make so many and give them away or hang them on their set of keys.  😛  And as I was making them I didn’t need to look at instructions, it was like riding a bike again.  ha!

Then I wasn’t satisifed with just making a lanyard bracelet.  I knew that SillyBandz were the hot thing last year and this year its friendship bracelets, so I went back to Michaels to buy friendship bracelet materials (complete with Dora Charm and Dora colors of course) and ending making one for myself.  😛 I used to put these things in my hair like they were extensions.  Again, you know what i’m talking about.  Almost like Steve Tyler (see the red friendship bracelet amongst the rest of his accessory hot but cool mess), but a little more fashionable.

This all brings me back to the mid 90s.  Ahh… my adolescent years.  Who knew certain styles would come back.  But that’s what fashion is right?  Basically reusing and recycling.

Til next time.  Can’t wait to show you these DIYs.  I’m thinking I may make it a DIY video.  We’ll see.  🙂

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