the big move

a couple days ago, was the day two years ago that the mister and I moved to the Bay Area.  NOT engaged.  NOT married.  Just a couple who had been together for 5 years moving to California to hopefully take on new opportunities.  For him, grad school.  For me, hopefully a new job.  We had left both our families in Virginia and it was basically US against the world.  What a scary thought, but we had extensive talks about the move and what it would be like on the other side of the country.  Prior to the move, we talked about it a lot and tried to calm each others fears.  We knew, well he knew, that if we didn’t do this now we probably weren’t going to move out of VA.

Fast forward to present day… two years later, we’ve been married for almost a year.  He’s in his last year of grad school (*knock on wood.  we’re a superstitious family).  I’m still at the company I was with before, but seeking other opportunities that the bay area can provide me with.  Life isn’t what we expected the way it would be.  If you had if you had asked us two years what we’d be doing and who we’d be working for.  We’d tell you, “Google” “Facebook” “Apple” “An awesome Silicon Valley company.”  And while we’d both still love that, but aren’t there, I can’t complain.  I’m married to the man I love.  When he walks through the doors at night, that’s the best part of my day.  Yes, I am a dotting wife and proud of it.  I am his number 1 fan and he’s mine (proof:  he’s been sending me articles about how to make this blog more successful and asks me why I haven’t written or we need to take pictures for my banner.  🙂  I’m a lucky woman).

Coming out here I took a chance on him (being that we weren’t engaged, I took a leap of faith) and on the job situation (working remotely for what was supposed to be 2-3 months, enough time to feel the job market which was crappy, ended up being 2+ years).  We had talked about marriage, but I thought that we wouldn’t be married until AFTER grad school (that’s right.  that means we’d be married next year).  Two months after we moved, he proposed.  Big Risk, Great Reward.  🙂  With the job, I’ve learned A LOT within the last two years about being a supervisor and how to motivate people.  And while I’m now at a stand still and maybe wish I made moves sooner, I can’t shouldn’t complain.  My employers have been generous and pretty flexible.  I’m still employed.  I’m fortunate to have a job.  These economic times are rough.  While it’s slowly rebounding, employers are looking for that X factor in everyone.  Sometimes its not even the X factor, it’s who you know or what school you went to (damn Silicon Valley employers expecting everyone to be an Ivy League grad and not accepting anything less.)

But what it comes down to it is I’m blessed and I’m thankful.  Sure, I have my days (lordy, I have my days).  And I’m lucky to have an understanding AND patient husband.  Sure it would be nice to have both a great job and a marriage, but theres always a flip side to those “what if’s” “I wish”.  What if I had a great job but a mediocre marriage?  No thanks.  One thing that’s really clear to me… money, even though it would be nice to have more, does not motivate me.  My family… my potential future family do.  Happy home, happy life.  Life is all about give and take.  God does not provide us with challenges we cannot take on.

So… two years later…it’s no longer us against the world, but we’re not a hop, skip, or jump away from our sisters, parents, cousins, or best friends.  We’re BLESSED.  Whatever God gives us next, we’ll take it with open arms.

corny, but…


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