short girl problems

MOVING SUCKS BIG TIME.  We moved our big items and most of our clothes to the new place on Saturday.  We still have a BOAT LOAD of stuff at the old apartment to move over.  I’m stressing out about where all my clothes and shoes are going.  I have a lot of clothes and shoes as you may know but what you may not know is that my wonderful husband is even more stylish than me and has just as many clothes shoes as me so I have to fight for shoe closet space.  ehh…he has just as many clothes. :p. We don’t have storage space at the new place so I can’t hoard my stuff in random places.  😦

I’m getting overwhlemed with that as well as where to put our kitchen appliances, pantry items, etc.  We have the same amount of cabinet space but I’m getting worried that it’s not enough space.  I have half of our kitchen items at the old place… so we shall see.  But the other problem I have with my kitchen is that the freaking cabinets are tall.  I have to tip-toe to see the second level (and that doesn’t even work) or use a step stool (yes, I have one.  no, I have not brought it to the new place yet).  Hence, the title of the post.  I tried putting all my spices on the second row.  The ones I use more often are in the front.  The ones I don’t use that often are in the back.  I think I’m going to have to purchase spice shelves for this to work out and of course utilize my step stool.  The one thing multiple things that are awesome about this kitchen is 1) stainless steel everything (including the sink!  the sink at the old place was matte and would stain easily.  NASTY!)  2)  granite counter tops (the counter top at the old place was tile.  so hard to clean)  3)  an oven that WORKS and doesn’t cause the smoke detector to go off as soon as I use it (PRAISE THE LORD!).  Plus it has a window and an oven light (the old place’s oven DID NOT have an oven window or oven light).  I used the oven our second night to make the hubs some chicken wingsand I was sitting in front of the window for a good 5 minutes before I realized my husband was sitting behind me laughing.  He took a picture of my random trance and amusement of appropriate oven works.  (I had to edit these photos… my bottom half of my backside was NOT looking nice.)

OMG!  This is awesome.  Look at the chicken cook so perfectly and the temperature isn’t off.

LOL.  When I caught him snapping away.

I’m hoping that as soon as I get everything settled and organized in the kitchen I can do a kitchen organization post.  🙂  Wishful thinking.  Possibly even a closet organization post if I can get my life together and actually organize my closet the way I should.

Again, I apologize for the lack of posts.  Hopefully in a week and a half things will settle down.

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