The Dressing Room – spring in the air

and so are my allergies…  well maybe I caught a cold from the husband but I’m not 100% sure.  It’s been beautiful here the weather is great during the day; however, it gets a tad chilly at night.  :-\  So perhaps that’s the reason for this stuffy nose.  Although I blame the high pollen count.  Claritin is usually my friend but for some reason its just not working.

The other day I went to get a haircut and it was BEAUTIFUL outside so I figured why not wear something bright.  I started with the shoes (which I’ve had for a year but haven’t worn out yet) and then the blouse to compliment it.  I had originally put on skinny jeans but I didn’t like the way they fell over the shoes, so I put on some flares.  Pardon the hair, its the beachy wavy, undone look; however, I kept playing with it after my hairstylist styled it so it turned into this frizzy hot mess.

Jacket:  hydraulic
Tank:  h.i.p
Jeans:  Gap
Shoes:  ShoeDazzle Stephanie
Ring:  Charlotte Russe
Necklace:  Forever21

I have a bad habit of hoarding clothes thinking things will come back in style and most of the time I just end up throwing most of it away, except for this outfit.  These bootcut jeans used to be my “skinny” jeans.  Gap advertised these as skinny jeans before.  FAIL, I know.  I’ve held onto these for about, 4, maybe 5 years?  I don’t wear them that often now but I have a feeling they’ll make a rotation back into my wardrobe with the flare trend coming back.  The white jean jacket OMG its been YEARS since I’ve had this.  We’re talking when the mister and I were dating in college, about 7 years (we’ve been together almost 8 years.  7 years dating.  almost 1 year married.).  YIKES!  But I kept these because they are pretty classic pieces.  You never know when a white jean jacket (just like the blue denim jacket) comes back into style and its pretty versatile.

We’re moving into a new apartment soon and I’m super excited because its “new.”  Only one tenant has lived there before and the kitchen is stainless steel and granite counter tops.  Plus did I mention the oven has a window!  My oven now doesn’t have a window plus the temperature is off so my baking has severely suffered.  I’ve figured it out finally after almost two years though.  When instructions say 20 minutes, check it in 15.  If not done check again in 2-3 minutes.  SIGH.  So that’ll be a relief.  That and whenever we do end up using the oven or my cast iron skillet the smoke detector likes to go off.  Which made Thanksgiving NOT fun.  It was so bad that we had to move our oscillating fan onto the kitchen counter top to keep any heat/smoke away from the smoke detector.  It’s pretty ridiculous.  So new kitchen.  YAY!  But the sad part of the move is 1) we’re leaving our first place in Cali and 2) I’m getting rid of so many clothes, shoes, purses.  We won’t have that much closet or storage space so I really needed to consolidate.  Plus I don’t wear all of this stuff (I don’t know why I brought all this with me during our move from VA) and quite honestly if I didn’t wear them within the last 18 months I need to get rid of them.  In doing so, I made three piles.  One to donate to Salvation Army, the other to donate to Career Closet (office wear for woman trying to re-enter the workforce), and the other to sell to consignment stores (for the things that I thought were in decent shape and would be able to get some money back).  But I still find myself with SO many clothes.  SMH!  I can’t wait to have own a house of our own or move into a place with a bigger closet, but then my hoarding habits would get worse!  EEK!  Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred is an awesome book of classics to have in every wardrobe to keep.  What are your philosophies about keeping or throwing away clothes?

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