London calling

I LOVE THAT SONG.  Reminds me of National Lampoon’s European Vacation, Friends, and a London vacation video my husband made when we went together in 2008.

I wanted to show you all my quick fun adventure to Notting Hill and other random sightings, while I was in London.  Antiques, clothes, souvenirs, people, etc.

Speaking of souvenirs…in the UK, the British are not as into the Royal Wedding hype as we are here in the US; however, because there a bunch of tourists in London, I suppose the Brits decided to capitalize on this and I saw “Royal” souvenirs everywhere.  I even saw a British flag with Kate and Williams faces on it.  SMH!  Anything for a buck or…a pound I suppose.

Antique chests in Notting Hill

Antique soccer balls (footballs) and rugby balls

Antique suitcases and if you look closely and LV chest  🙂

Vintage Beefeater (British Soldiers) boots.  Perhaps Karl Lagerfield was inspired by this for these Chanel boots as worn by Kourtney Kardashian.  Banana Republic had a Chanel inspired pair last fall as well.

Royal wedding souvenirs.  LOL!  They’re not even in the same frame for some of these pictures.

Royal Wedding tea anyone?

Very Highland (Scottish) outfit (I’m sure made of 100% wool)

Who doesn’t love Paddington Bear?!?  I covet this gigantic stuffed one.

Flats in Notting Hill

There’s something alluring about them.

My gouty find in Notting Hill (along with a bow broach that is not pictured).  I’m obsessed with bows so when I saw this, I had to snap it up (lookbook featuring this beaut to follow in a future post).

Pumpkin Duck Dim Sum

Random people rollerblading on the streets of London.  There was a guy in the front that had a mic on and another guy on a bike with speakers blasting music as they blade along Picadilly.  Not sure what they were doing.

London Eye at night (took this picture from the cab)

Big Ben (again through the cab)

I love this city.  Til next time…

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