The Dressing Room – Ohhh this thing… it’s just something I threw on

LOL!  I know its such a cliché line but I totally said it to my husband one day when we went out to run some errands after work.  I really wanted to wear shorts this day but I didn’t shave (gross, I know!) and even if I did I felt as if my thighs were gigantic turkey thighs (the ones you get at the state fair or even Disneyland!).  That’s what I get for not working out for 3 months, all that muscle I built up…GONE!  😦  I’m trying to get on the working out bandwagon again, especially with beach weather rolling around the corner… but it’s just not working out for me.  EEK!  Anyhow, I had ran errands earlier in the day and I originally had shorts on and decided right before I walked out of the house to change into these cargo capris.  I put on a belt, tucked in the shirt but something was missing.  Scarf maybe?  Ehhh.  Then I pulled out my mom’s blue blazer and put on the caged heels and wala transformation ala Charlize Theron for Uniqlo.  I was LOVING it.  It was something different.  Me thinks I played the masculine/feminine look pretty well.  I think the braid and the heels helped out the outfit and the sunnies that are not pictured below… I probably should’ve added jewelry but I forgot.  Whoops!

Shirt:  H&M
Blazer:  Vintage (mom’s)
Belt:  Vintage (mom’s)
Capri:  Steve and Barry’s
Shoes:  Nine West Outlet


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