lady in red

What an old school song.  My dad used to sing it a lot when I was younger; however, he is no Chris De Burgh.

Sorry for the delay in this post.  I got lazy and busy with work.  It’s been really hectic lately.  A couple mini meltdowns because some people just don’t listen and get me what I need, causing me to work later than I’d like.  It has not been a great two weeks.

So I said I’d cover red dresses for the holidays.

They’re so festive.  I LOVE IT!  With it being winter and ugly outside, a punch of color is refreshing.  I am happy to say that I found my dress for the husband’s holiday party and it is indeed a red dress.  When I first spotted this dress online and on the hanger at the store, I thought it looked like a horrible 80’s prom dress.  Let me tell you when I tried it on at the store because I was just grabbing whatever dress they had (because I was just that desperate to find a dress), it was the BEST ONE.  It fit well, it hid the flaws, I looked hot but not too over the top.  Here’s the dress I’ll be wearing along with some similar accessories I’ll be using.

Accessories – I kept the accessories somewhat minimal with nice statement earrings and bracelet paired with a simple clutch and classic peep toe pumps.  As you can see, I went for the gold, red and black look.  You could certainly do silver, but I like the look of gold.  Reminds me of my Christmas tree and the Redskins (although that’s burgundy and gold.  🙂 )  For jewelry – I didn’t want to attract too much attention to my chest so I may opt for no necklace or something simple like the model.  For shoes, you could always do closed toe which I am.  I wouldn’t do a strappy heel with this dress because it is a bit fussy with the rouching, which works wonders on my hips!  I wouldn’t go with nude shoes either.  Definitely would keep them black, gold or silver.  However, if there was a cute pair of red heels with a classic touch of bling on them, I’d pair them with this or any red dress.

Hair – Again, because the dress is a bit fussy, for my husband’s holiday party I’m probably going to  I’d straighten my hair and not have curls like the model.  Perhaps if I was wearing this dress out, I’d add curls but because it is a corporate holiday party, I’d rather go with the understated look.

Make-up, I think red lipstick looks hideous on me so I’m not going to do that, but you can certainly try.  Although if you do, I caution that only be the red make-up you wear.  No red nails.  Nails should be pretty neutral.  If you do choose to do red nails, then no red lipstick.  You don’t want to be TOO matchy matchy.  For eye make-up, I’ll go for a natural look or a natural smokey eye.  Again, if it wasn’t my husbands work party, I’d probably do more dramatic eyes.  Understated is always good with work parties.  Going out?  It’s a free for all.

Here are a couple of red dresses that I thought were adorable.

You could definitely do a body fitting dress, I’d pair it with a cropped tuxedo blazer or a boyfriend blazer. With a cropped blazer, gives that sexy yet sophisticated look. With a boyfriend blazer, it gives that masculine yet sexy look. Either one is gorgeous. With strapless, you could go with a dress with a bow, ruffles, rouching, etc. Options are endless here. For sleeveless dresses, I think this could go sexy or cute depending on the length and style. If it’s a sleeveless sheath dress, I’d wear a blazer or a statement necklace to play it up. If it’s sleeveless a-line dress, make sure the length is appropriate.  You don’t want it too short but you don’t want it too long either.  You don’t want to look like you’re going to prom nor do you want to look like you’re a bridesmaid if its tea length.  You’d be surprised how much an inch or two makes a difference.  You could so pair a skinny sequin or obi belt with anyone of these dresses if you wanted more shape out of the dress.

If you don’t want to wear a red dress but want to be festive, definitely pull out that LBD and pair it with some red accessories like a clutch or heels.

Here are a couple of red clutches that would go great with an awesome LBD.

I absolutely COVET the McQueen clutch. It’s edgy, luxe, and SEXY all at the same time. LOVE IT. I love the bow details with some of the clutches and put some more muted red clutches for you conservatives.

Here are a couple of red pumps that I’d pair with that LBD.

It’s a three way tie to say which is my favorite. I love the top right one because the heel detail reminds me of MiuMius. The bottom left I LOVE because of the sparkly detail and the last one I just love because they’re Jimmy Choo’s. 🙂 The top middle ones are for those that want something more festive and different that a classic pump. I love a good ruffle on a shoe. The first shoes is again for you conservatives out there with a pinch of sexy with the sky high heel and platform and a peekaboo peep toe.

So will you be that lady in red?

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