turkey leftovers…

Here are a couple of ideas you can make with your turkey, cranberry, and stuffing leftovers.

I’ve had both of these sandwiches at a cute sandwich shop in Burlington, VT.  Of course because it was VT, it came with cheddar cheese and apples.  YUM!  (I took these images last year when I was in Vermont.  I’ve recreated it at home; however it did not look as pretty-ful as this.)

The Vermonter

Turkey slices, red onion slices, Granny Smith apple slices, cheddar cheese, cranberry sauce and mayonnaise

Thanksgiving Sandwich

Stuffing, Mayo, cheddar cheese, cranberry sauce, turkey

Another sandwich you could make is a California club:  Turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato, and colby jack and cheddar cheeses.  You could use my other lunch recipes from prior posts and replace the meat with turkey meat.

Another turkey leftover recipe I made was Turkey Tettrazzini from allrecipes.com.  SUPER easy and pretty good.  I added some peas to have the meal with veggies of course.  Anything with parm and spaghetti is a good thing!

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