’tis the season for sparkles

AND for holiday parties.  I’m on the hunt for the perfect dress for the husband’s holiday party, as well as for NYE.  I could rewear the Miami dress BUT I want something a bit more festive.  It’s not completely black and it’s really edgy so perhaps I’ll wear it for NYE.  However, what I do NOT want to do is wear black this holiday season ( I always fall back on a black dress… it’s classic you can’t complain about a good black dress).  While I do have a black strapless dress I could fall back on, I’m almost positive a lot of women will pull out their LBD for either occasion.  I’m thinking sequins or a red sleek dress or an emerald green or army green dress in any style or royal blue in any style or winter white in any style.  So for the next couple of weeks, I will be doing a holiday party dress post each week.

This week is dedicated for SPARKLES… i.e. SEQUIN dresses.  Sequin clothing and accessories have been featured for about two seasons now.  I personally LOVE the way certain sequin dresses look.  I’m thinking it’ll be a NYE dress if I do decide to purchase one.  The hubs thinks it may be too flashy for his work party (BUT I know with the RIGHT dress I could change his mind.  HI HONEY! 🙂 )

Here’s the thought on everyone’s mind when they think about sequin dresses “Do I look like a disco ball?”  “Isn’t it too flashy?  I don’t want to call too much attention to myself.”  “Will I look like I came out of a 80s movie?”

Alas, don’t be intimidated and let these thoughts stop you from wearing these dresses.  The keys to making it look fabulous AND chic and classy is:  FIT, LENGTH, STYLE, SIMPLICITY, and MATERIAL.

The FIT should be body hugging or a combination of body hugging and flowy top.  You don’t want to look like a 1920’s flapper if its too loose (it may end up looking a tad costume-y if it is).

The LENGTH should be above the knee.  The more fabric there is, the more you risk looking like a disco ball.  HOWEVER, there is an exception to this.

The STYLE is SO KEY.  While strapless sequin dresses are in, PERSONALLY I think it is more chic to wear a sleeveless or sleeves sequins dress than a strapless sequins dress.  You could probably pull wearing a strapless sequins dress in all black.  If you opt for a different color, it would be more fitting for a NYE dress.  However, you’re wearing a sequins dress is flashy, so you don’t want to draw more attention to yourself.  With a strapless sequins dress you could possibly call more attention to yourself because you’re exposing your collar bone and chest, as well as your legs, in addition to all the sparkles.

With that said, SIMPLICITY OF ACCESSORIES is KEY.  If you’re wearing a sequins dress you’ll want muted shoes (I said muted not nude), nothing that’ll fight with the dress (the dress here is the main attraction).  Accessories should be minimal.   Think stud earrings or simple hoop earrings, and possibly a FABULOUS cocktail ring OR bracelet (emphasis on the OR.  you don’t want to over accessorize with a dress like this).  Make-up should also be minimal, more of a natural look or a smokey eye with a nude face and natural lip.  No red lips here.  Hair should be simple as well.  I’m thinking up and slicked back in a ponytail (a la Kim Kardashian) or down with waves or straight.

Last but not least which is one of the bigger factors here, is the MATERIAL.  If you get the wrong material you WILL look like a disco ball than you want.  So the way the sequins are placed, the type of sequins, the underlining material is KEY.  You have to be meticulous about this the most.

sequin no's

Personally I don’t like the above dresses. I thought I would but after looking at a close up image of the material either online or in person, it didn’t scream CLASSY to me. Frankly, it was screaming Halloween DIY costume or Christmas garland to me.  Yes, I’m mean but you HAVE to be very meticulous about clothes regardless of your budget, especially when going to a work party or just out in the town and want to look good.

I fell in love with an Aidan Mattox sequin dress on HauteLook (compared to retail prices for similar dresses, this was a STEAL) last week, but alas I missed the deal because I wasn’t 100% sure if it would come in time for the holiday party, which ended up being a blessing in disguise because the husband didn’t like it.  I still LOVE IT.  Here’s a similar dress and how I’d put it together.  I absolutely LOVE how the skirt is hiphugging and the top is flowy.  Even though the dress is gold and I’ve paired it with simple accessories (clutch, pumps and stud earrings), for a little color I do recommend a nice bright cocktail ring.

Below is something a tad similar.  It’s more form fitting and is a shinier gold.  Since the color is brighter and the fit is body hugging, I’d suggest pulling the hair back and minimizing the accessories.  You could do either a bootie or a classic pump, depending what look you’re going for.  But regardless, keep the shoes simple.

I LOVE the color of this dress… winter white AND sequins… GORGEOUS. It looks a a bit babydoll-ish but something this dress screams simple elegance to me.  The back of this is actually open.  I wanted to play off the white-beige tones in this dress so I opted for gold accessories with blush tone gems with YSL classic pumps.

Here’s a black dress look. You definitely want to go with an all black feel since you’re doing sequins. You could accessorize with different colors with rings or bracelets or earrings (As I did with the red/burgundy cocktail ring)but again don’t over accessorize too much.  I wouldn’t change anything about this model’s earrings or hair.  This look is inspired by this Kim Kardashian look.  As you can see she definitely keeps it simple.  With the shoes, again you could do booties or pumps depending if you want an edgier or more classic look.

Here’s an alternative if you don’t want to wear an all sequins dress. Go with a sequin blazer or skirt. I love the look of a blazer with a pencil skirt/dress or an a-line skirt. You could really wear any color you want underneath.  It’s a bit more versatile and less rules with a blazer than with a dress. I love that it can give that sparkly yet edgy feel.  This look is inspired by Lauren Conrad.  With the shoes, you could wear gladiators with black tights or just gladiators.  But I was playing up the soft and hard look with booties.

Will you wear something that sparkles for the holidays or perhaps incorporate it into your wardrobe for a day-to-day look?  Gotta love everything that glitters.  😛

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