The Dressing Room – walked miles and miles in her boots

I had to wake up early to drop off the husband to work and then head to my root canal appointment.  SO not an enjoyable experience.  Costly and painful.  Fast forward hours later, I’m still a tad sore where the procedure was performed.  The only good side of today?  I got to dress up to go out and I liked my outfit.  🙂

I knew I wanted to debut my new shirt I purchased at the Banana Factory Outlet this past weekend.  I figured that the colors were summer yet fall-esque that I’d wear my mom’s vintage brown boots.  Okay so they’re not completely vintage.  We’re talking early 90’s.  However she hardly wore them then, so I snapped them up and started wearing them a couple years ago.  I do need to get the heel replaced though but these are one of my fave boots.  The width of the boot is wide enough that you still have room after you tuck in your jeans.  Plus they’re just my fave because there my mom’s and it reminds me of how fashionable she was at one point… even after kids.  It wasn’t until my dad passed away that she stopped caring about appearances.  :-\  I try sometimes to get her to wear some of her old clothes but she doesn’t want to.  But it’s cute when my sister or I are at home and she asks us for fashion advice as we’re getting ready to go out.

Anyhow, in the following pictures please ignore my awkward smile.  My mouth was still numb at this point.  This is actually one of the better pictures of me “smiling” than the other ones I took.

Shirt:  Banana Factory Outlet
Cardigan:  Forever21
Jeans:  Forever21
Cross Necklace:  ebay
Heart Necklace:  gifted, Tiffany & Co.
Silver Hoop Earrings:  gifted, Kohl’s
Boots:  Vintage, mom’s from Italy

Shirt detail

Side view of the boots

Closer view of boots

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