That could be taken as vacay (which it is – sort of) or Virginia and California (which it does).

Arrived in VA 4 days ago and while I’m starting to miss my husband terribly (I really don’t like sleeping in bed by myself now), I do love being home.  I love living out in Sunny California with my new husband (well its not that much of a difference since we’ve been together for so long) but it is great seeing family and friends here in VA.  I love that we all come together and its  like I haven’t been away for x months.

Other random reasons why I love being home:

  • While it’s practically fall/spring weather year round in the Bay Area.  It’s actually nice to have fall weather in the fall, where the leaves are turning colors and you can step on some crunchy leaves as they fall off.  Don’t get me wrong, an Indian summer is great but it’s nice to have fall weather in fall.  (side note:  fall is one of my favorite seasons.  see reason number 2 below).
  • I LOVE jumping on CRUNCHY crispy leaves as they fall off the trees.  I will also go out of my way just to step one.  Sometimes when I’m walking around with my husband, he’ll see my eyes fixated on the ground (looking for a leaf that’s crisp enough to step on so I can hear that CUHHHRUNNNNCH sound) that he’ll step on a leaf thats in my way (almost like he’s squashing a bug with his foot) just to irritate me.  😛  I’m like a child… if you had a pile of leaves on your lawn I’d probably do a grape stomp on the leaves.
  • Dunkin Donuts… for their coffee.  I have yet to find one in Cali.  The brewed stuff you buy in the supermarket is pretty good but for some reason the one at the shop tastest better.  (yeah I know I’m weird.)

  • Peruvian chicken!
  • Bonchon chicken (I know… they have this in LA too, but not in NorCal)

  • Finally being able to wear boots and jackets because it’s cool enough
  • Dressing up and being in the office around people.

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