fall is upon us…

Don’t mind the dirty mirror.  I didn’t feel like taking my camera out and doing the whole self timer thing.  This is an outfit I was putting together for my trip to VA Beach for my girlfriend’s wedding.  Her rehearsal and rehearsal dinner are more on the casual side and since it’s actually fall in VA I decide that I wanted to pull a fall look together to pack with me.

Brown H&M Pleather Bomber Jacket, Lulu.com floral dress, WetSeal Lace Up Boots

I started with the ground and up with this outfit.  I bought these boots a while ago.  While they are adorable, they’re not exactly comfy.  Well they are from Wet Seal.  I’m thinking I need to add some Dr. Scholl insoles to help me out a little bit.  But they are adorable.  While they’re not exactly the ideal boot on a petite person like me as it’ll shorten my height even more, I couldn’t resist.  I then decided I want more of the edgier look but with feminine touches, so I went with a floral dress and a pleather jacket.  Great combo for a cute yet casual fall wedding rehearsal day.

Better look at my Wet Seal boots.

For the shoes, there are a couple of options that I looked at but just didn’t want to dish out the money.

Sam Edelman Lace-up Boots

Forever 21 lace-up boots

These are non lace-up options but cheaper and look similar to mine

Forever 21 boots

For a flirtier style you could go with peep-toe lace-ups.

Sam Edelman Lace-up Peep-Toe Boots

I’m actually in the office this week so I’ve been dressing up.  Although I haven’t had time to take pictures in the morning, but I’ll try to recreate the look and snaps some photos tonight or tomorrow.  My runway outfit (traveling) outfit actually involved these boots and it was pretty fab I must say so myself.

I love that it’s fall.  It hasn’t been too nasty out here in Northern VA, so thank goodness for that.  But I love that I’m dressing up for work.  Chilly enough, but not too cold to wear a leather jacket or boots.  LOVE IT!  But I know as soon as it cools down in California I’ll be wishing for this weather.  SIGH.  One can never be happy.

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