indian summer

Got back from the UK and man is it HOT.  Thank you Bay area for your Indian Summers.  In the UK, fall was in the air.  Here in the bay it’s just hot.  I had to go to the super market to buy some vegetables and fruits and didn’t want to wear anything too fussy because it was hot.  So I opted for this dress…

Dress:  Forever21 trapeze dress (purchased in 2008)
Belt:  Vintage woven belt from mom’s closet
Shoes:  studded flip-flops from target

I love how comfortable this dress is.  I’ve dressed it up and dressed it down.  When I dressed it up, I wore it with some tights and booties along with a studded belt to go clubbing in Boston when I visited a good friend in 2009.  Here’s a couple pictures of when I dressed it up.  This is me pre-engagement/wedding and weight loss.  My friend in this picture just got engaged at the time and in a matter of three weeks she’s getting married!  I’ll be a bridesmaid at her wedding and can’t wait to see her and all our friends.

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