ignorance is bliss?

I posted a heated post up last week regarding the Mayweather youtube video.  Yes I was angry.  Ignorance is not something I tolerate.  An insincere apology is just not needed.  If you’re really not that sorry then don’t say anything.  A friend shared this article on facebook and I wanted to share it.  These are the words I want to say but can’t properly articulate.  These are the words I can’t say calmly and in such a precise manner.  But these are things my husband and I both think and discuss but can’t say to others for fear of sounding racist.

Mayweather you call yourself American and I LAUGH at you for giving that American speech on Joe Buck live a couple months ago.  Your speech then was such total BS.   Your speech then made people dumber and ignorant.  Thinking that it’s wrong for other ethnicities to come into this country to work.  America isn’t just for the white or black or mexican. Please process this.  The USA is not YOUR America.  It’s everyone’s America.  It’s the reason why we’re the greatest nation in the world because we’re a melting pot.  You do have Filipino fans out there that like you as much as they like Pacquiao.  Some may even like you more.  Realize that these fans are immigrants or descendants of immigrants and they came to America just like everyone else.  For the opportunity to have a better life.  Your ignorance is not appreciated.  You’re ignorance is possibly going to make others ignorant.  Don’t you realize that?  Glad that Civil Rights groups are standing up to you.  I hope you get what you deserve.

You’ll probably say “Any press is good press.”  And dear god, I hope not because your head will just get bigger.

I’m relieved that sports writers are over his BS as much as the fans are.  I’m relieved that his fans are finally seeing his true colors.  Karma’s coming to you.  Maybe your ignorance is your bliss Mayweather… because reality is if you stepped into that ring with Pacquiao, you may lose.  Just saying…

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