back to the norm…

It’s been pretty uneventful since I’ve been back in Cali.

Haven’t gone out except today to go grocery shopping.  The downfall of being away 2-3 weeks consecutively is that the refrigerator is bare.  The freezer has lots of meets and frozen vegetable but for the life of me I cannot seem to make a well-balanced meal with what’s in there.  My creative juices just aren’t flowing.  Sad.

Haven’t worked out (and desperately need to because Miami is in a week and a half!).  BIG FAT BOO to me.  Maybe I’ll just go super hard next week.

The great part of being home.  Making meals myself.  As much as it is a pain trying to figure out what to make, I secretly love it.  I love trying new recipes and perfecting recipes.  Plus I like knowing what I put into my food.  Goodness, I’m starting to sound like my mother.  Seriously.  I like knowing and controlling the calorie intake, not that I eat a lot and can finish an entire meal when I eat out out (I attempt to 1/2 all the meals I eat when I’m out unless its insanely good and I can’t control myself…not good).

So what was for dinner Tuesday? Well since we only had items in the freezer I gave FM a couple of choices since he hasn’t had a homecooked meal by me in about three weeks and he picked out chicken adobo!  Even though I just had chicken adobo I can’t get enough.  If I could have one dish to eat for the rest of my life it would be chicken adobo and rice.  There are a bunch of variation of how to make adobo… different vinegars, chicken stock v. soy sauce, adding in coconut milk or chilis, etc.  But I’m going to toot my own horn and say mine is the best.  😛  It’s a variation of my mom’s recipe (or Kris Aquino’s which I’m not proud to say but my mom tried her recipe after she saw it on TFC and my sister and I have fallen in love with it ever since) and my dad’s method of cooking adobo.  Sorry no pictures.  FM was super hungry when he got home so it was devoured immediately.

CHICKEN ADOBO (this makes about 2 – 3 servings.  plus I usually make to taste so the measurements may not be correct)


1/2 lb chicken (I used leg quarters and cut them up.  You can use thigh only, drumsticks only, whatever you like.  I do advise that you use something with a bone so the chicken doesn’t dry up quickly)

2 1/2 tbsp of soy sauce

3/4 tbsp of distilled vinegar

3/4 tbsp of balsamic vinegar

1 tsp of sugar

1 medium clove of garlic chopped

1 bay leaf

1/2 tsp of black peppercorns.


First off… mom’s recipe…. Place all ingredients except the chicken into a pot.  Do a taste test to determine the balance between sweet salty and sour.  Adjust as necessary with vinegar, soy sauce, sugar or water as needed.  After you’ve done that place the chicken into the pot and put onto the stove at medium heat.  Bring to a boil.  Once boiling put on a simmer for about 30 minutes. Now Dad’s method…After 30 minutes, heat up a frying pan with a small amount of oil.  Once heating, take some of the chicken pieces and some of the sauce/juice and place into frying pan.  This gives the chicken a nice crust and glazes the chicken.  Should take about 3 minutes to get a nice glaze.  Place the chicken back in the pot and repeat for the remainder of the chicken.  Note:  Don’t take all the sauce from the pot you want to leave some to put over your rice (Yeah I’m one of those people… the ones that like sauce over their rice).  Then when complete serve with rice.  DELICIOUS!

So what ‘s for dinner this evening? I purchased pork shoulder prior to leaving for the east coast and wanted to make pernil and/or pulled pork.  Well since I just came home from VA, I figured why not pulled pork.  I didn’t get a chance to have bbq while I was home so why not bring bbq to me.  Plus I have yet to find a good bbq joint here in the south bay.  PLUS since I got home I’ve been staring at these bridal shower gifts that cam in the mail and trying to figure out how I can use my new toys and I’ve been wanting a slow cooker for a while… so that’s the route I went.  I searched and searched for pulled pork slow cooker recipes online and finally decided to try this one by Baking Bites.  Bought some coleslaw mix at the store (you gotta have coleslaw with your pulled pork.  well at least I have to its the “southern” girl in me) along with hamburger buns.  Came home and shredded the pork for dinner.  Got my hamburger roll ready, put the shredded pork on the bun as well as  dash of bbq sauce we had in the fridge along with some hot sauce (I like my bbq sauce spicy, sweet, and tangy… I’m all about some bold flavors) along with some coleslaw… HEAVEN!  I had some more for lunch because we had leftovers… so did the FM.  Sorry no pictures… but it does look the same as the one Baking Bites posted.

Lookbook?  None.  I was super plain today.  Jeans, t-shirt, vest, chucks.  Nothing special.

BUT I did buy two dresses for Miami.  I went for a very Chanel look…. I’m going white and black.  I got the dress I previously talked about before.  I LOVE IT… and I bought sequenced black pumps a couple weeks ago to pair with it.  I’m still bringing my black LBD (just in case).  Yes, I’m one of THOSE people… the ones that overpack for JUSTINCASE situations.  😛  It’s called being well prepared.  😉

The other dress I purchased was an all white one sleeve/strap dress (isn’t it romantic looking but sexy at the same time?) which I plan to pair with a black studded belt (similar to Carrie’s in SATC The Movie) and possibly the sequence pumps as well.  Yes I’m a fan of the combination of hard and soft looks when it comes to dresses.  Like the one above… plus I like LOVE belts.  It does soo much to the shape of a woman’s body.  It just gets tiring when you wear one all day (above your waste/below your bust) and it’s tight and you can’t move… ahhh the prices we pay to look beautiful.  Why can’t men be the same way?  :-\

I can’t wait to see SATC2!  The dresses look ah-may-zing!  But before I can walk into the auditorium to watch SATC2, I have to catch IronMan 2 with the FM.  It came out right after I left for the UK and he hasn’t watched it because he knew I wanted to watch it and knew I’d be upset if I watched it without him.  ha!  I could’ve watched it in the UK since it came out there before here but I didn’t.  Then I’m dragging him to SATC2.  He owes me a chick flick since he made me watch Paranormal Activity with him.  I absolutely hate scary movies.  Anything with ghosts or slasher films terrorize the living day lights out of me.  Blame it on my parents… they never let me watch those types of movies when I was growing up.  Plus my cousins would scare me with ghost stories when I was younger… so I always think it’s real… even if it is a movie.  Yeah I’m ridiculous.

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